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Inktense Block Sets 36 Color Tin
MSRP: $103.99 JERRY'S:  $57.18
Save: 45% off
Master Calligraphy Brush Set 18 Brushes
MSRP: $293.95 JERRY'S:  $49.95
Save: 83% off
Artists' WC Wood Box Set 98 x 10ml Tubes (0.34 fl oz)
MSRP: $1,350.00 JERRY'S:  $529.95
Save: 61% off


Art Alternatives

Winsor and Newton Pigment Markers

The Winsor & Newton Pigment Marker™ - made using only the highest grade, lightfast, fine art pigments instead of dyes.

Pigment Markers include over 100 beautiful colours, including 24 shades of grey across four scales. These markers are non-fade, fine art pigments instead of dyes, keeping your work fresh and vibrant for 100 years. Ergonomically designed with a comfortable, ultra slim profile. Compatible with the White Blender, allowing you to mix tones and create myriad colours - even on black paper.

Vivid, bright and delicious, the Pigment Marker in Apple Green allows its yellow undertones to peek to the fore. Explore these undertones with the White Blender; or use it on its own for ultimate vibrancy. Achieve optimal blending performance and colour intensity on Winsor & Newton Pigment Marker Paper. As with all Pigment Marker shades, it has an A-grade lightfastness rating; guaranteeing no shift or fade for 100 years.

Color Swatches - Use for reference only. If exact color matching is desired please use actual samples of the materials.

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