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Structural Positano Wood Frames

Structural Industries Positano Frames are available in silver wood moulding. They include a plexi front, masonite backing and are designed to fit your favorite image.

NOTE ON FRAME SIZES: The frame size indicated is the largest image that will fit into the frame, which is equivalent to the size of the glass. The frame size is not the outside dimension of the frame (which varies by style) nor, in cases where mats are included, is it the size of the mat opening.

NOTE on MATS: Note that some frame styles automatically include a single pre-cut mat, some styles do not have a mat option, and some allow the customer to choose between a single or a "Shadow Mat", but all frames will accommodate mats. For frames without a mat option, or to purchase mats only, click here.

Features - Profile: 1-1/2" W x 1/2" H. MAT NOT INCLUDED.

Mininum Order: Frames are priced per unit and sold by the case. Individual frames are available for sale at our West Orange New Jersey Location.

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