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Watercolor Block Hot Press 140lb/300g 10" x 14"
MSRP: $56.05 JERRY'S:  $28.03
Save: 50% off
Watercolor Block Hot Press 140lb/300g 12" x 16"
MSRP: $67.35 JERRY'S:  $33.68
Save: 50% off
Watercolor Journal Cold Press 140lb/300g 5" x 7"
MSRP: $19.95 JERRY'S:  $9.98
Save: 50% off


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Starflight Accordian Style Portfolios

The StarFlight is the very first artist portfolio that allows you to get inside the case by just opening up the flap that is attached with Velcro. There are no straps, loops, latches, zippers and other devices to work through. In fact you can get into your portfolio without even taking it off your shoulder! Artists basically asked their portfolio to be more like a caravan than a highly styled and sporty case. To accommodate this need a 5" expanding gusset was decided on.

To make the case functional the artist can organize their "studio in a case" in 3 separate compartments. You'll be amazed at just how much you can get into your Starflight. So if you want a maximum amount of inner space that is easy to get to in one easy motion the Starflight is the invention built just for you. Each case with 5" gusset.

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