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Watercolor Sheets Rough 140lb/300g 22" x 30"
MSRP: $9.25 JERRY'S:  $6.36
Save: 31% off
Watercolor Sheets Rough 300lb/640g 22" x 30"
MSRP: $21.30 JERRY'S:  $14.68
Save: 31% off
Watercolor Block Cold Press 140lb/300g 7" x 10"
MSRP: $37.85 JERRY'S:  $20.82
Save: 45% off


Winsor and Newton Oil Colors

Permaset Aqua Textile Inks

Permaset Aqua is a revolution in fabric and screen printing inks. By using advanced polymer technology combined with the purest pigments, Permaset Aqua results in an environmentally friendly, easy to use ink that provides long-term durability without compromising its superior soft handle.

All colours are water based so equipment can be easily cleaned up with water. Permaset Aqua does not contain PVC or phthalates, nor does it contain any toxic chemicals. There is no need to use solvents to clean the screens – they can be cleaned with just water.

Most screen printing companies were using Plastisol inks because they were easier to use than water-based inks and were more durable and more opaque. Permaset Aqua has been developed to overcome this, and is a completely environmentally friendly product. They are highly durable to wash, rub and dry-clean, together with intense pigment colour for excellent coverage, opacity and colour brightness. The ink colours have light-fastness ratings of at least 6/8 on the Blue Wool scale. Permaset Aqua is safe to use on babywear, underwear and swimwear.

Permaset Aqua incorporates both regular and Supercover colours. Supercover colours are specifically designed to provide excellent coverage, opacity and definition over dark fabrics whilst retaining maximum stretchability. Both ranges include Glow colours, and Metallics and Process colours are also available. Permaset Aqua can be achieved with great results on cotton, polyester, silk and most synthetics, without the need for additives.

Color Swatches - Use for reference only. If exact color matching is desired please use actual samples of the materials.

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