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Koi Pocket Field Sketchbox 36 Pan w/ Brush
MSRP: $58.49 JERRY'S:  $34.99
Save: 40% off
Koi Pocket Field Sketchbox 48 Pan w/ Brush
MSRP: $76.49 JERRY'S:  $42.07
Save: 45% off
Pigma Micron PN Pen Set of 8 Colors
MSRP: $23.19 JERRY'S:  $14.99
Save: 35% off


Winsor and Newton Oil Colors

One Shot Enamel Clears

With ten different clear topcoat products, 1 Shot and Chromatic Clears surely have a clear topcoat for your application. Oil based Enamels, Acrylics, Urethanes and even Waterborne clears mean that choosing 1 Shot is clearly your best option.

1 SHOT CLEAR 4003 - An oil based clear finish, 1 Shot 4003 Clear is essentially a clear lettering enamel; and is ideal for use in topcoating surface gilds and as a vehicle in which to suspend other 1 Shot products to create translucent and transparent glazes, washes and shading mediums. This product may also be used to restore gloss level on older signs originally painted with 1 Shot.

Features: Best applied between 65 F and 85F. Will not dry below 50 F, apply with brush, roller, airbrush or spray, reduces with 1 Shot 6000 Series, compatible with 1 Shot Lettering and Pearlescent Enamels, 4001/4002 Tints, clean brushes with 1 Shot 4004 Brush Cleaner or Mineral spirits and clean equipment with mineral spirits.

SPEED DRY UV ACRYLIC CLEAR - A fast drying acrylic clear topcoat designed for providing color fade, UV depletion and mild abrasion resistance on printed vinyls and print media. Speed dry UV Acrylic Clears also serve well as edge sealers on multi-layered vinyls, PVC, PVC and metalized polyester films. Subject to re-wetting in extreme heat or when contacted with certain cleaning chemicals, Speed dry UV Acrylic Clears are not recommended for use on vehicle graphics. Available in Gloss (4005), Matte (4015) Gloss Aeresol (4005A) and Matte Aerosol (4015A)

Features: Extreme or prolonged heat and certain chemicals can result in re-wetting, apply with brush, roller or spray, do not overwork, as this will cause "stringing", thinning not required, non-vehicle digital print compatible, clean brushes with 1 Shot 4004 Brush Cleaner or Mineral spirits and clean equipment with mineral spirits.

Warning - FLAMMABLE. Follow safety instructions carefully. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Shipping restrictions apply to hazardous materials.

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