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Daylight Magnifyers

For that extra bit of help to enhance the details, Daylight offers the right choice of magnifier. Our magnifiers can be used at a desk, clamped where required in the workspace or used with your glasses.

Flexilens on Base
This handy table magnifier with a weighted base, makes this lens very sturdy and stable as well as very convenient. The 46cm arm for longer reach combines with a 13cm lens. Use it on any flat working surface to give you the magnification you need, where you need it.

Available Colors: Black, White

Double Flexi Clamp, White U51010
If you need both hands free, but need to check a pattern, design, text or photo as you work, then this is the ideal handy working companion. Clamp it to your table, frame, drawing board or work surface and angle it to the perfect viewing position.

Flexilens on Mini-Base, Black U91091
This versatile magnifier has five holes on its mini-base making it ideal for pinning to lace cushions and for model making. This 9cm diameter lens with a 2cm higher magnification inset lens and flexible arm gives you the detailed precision you need.

Flexilens on Mini-Clip, Black U91101
Slim but powerful; this flexilens is ideal for clipping onto small frames or work surfaces. With a 3.5" diameter lens with a 0.75" higher magnification inset lens and flexible arm; giving you the detailed precision you need, exactly where you need it.

Clip-on Spectacle Magnifiers, Black U91171
Get precisely the magnification you need with our unique box set of four lenses (1.7, 2.0, 2.5 and 3.0 X magnification). Simply clip the lightweight frame to your glasses, select the lens and see all the intricate details with needle-sharp clarity. Just flip up the lens for normal viewing.

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