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Stroll back in time for a lighthearted view of early advertising at its best — and worst — from 1890 to 1910. This historical scrapbook showcases more than 600 advertisements by well-known companies such as Cadillac, Pillsbury, Remington, and The Ladies Home Journal. It also includes ads for such now-defunct items as the Talk-o-phone, velvet-grip garters, Dr. Scott's Electric Hair Brush, and other curiosities. Most of these advertisements circulated long before the government began regulating the sales of food, medicine, and other merchandise. The manufacturers' claims range from the superlative — "Libby's Peerless Wafer-Sliced Smoked Beef . . . It has no equal" — to the relatively modest "Schlitz Beer (without skunky taste)." Many products reflect a vanished way of life, from Pablo Mustache Wax and Arnica Tooth Soap to Cal-Ba-Lock Typewriters, Edison Phonographs, and Gram-o-phone $18 Talking Machines. A treat for nostalgia fans, this illustrated compilation includes an index for quick reference. Reprint of Floyd Clymer's Scrapbook: Early Advertising Art, Bonanza Books, New York, 1955. Pages/Dimensions: 240 Pages 5-3/8" x 8-1/2". Author: Floyd Clymer, Paul Dickson.

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