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Point 88 Pen Wallet Set of 20
MSRP: $19.00 JERRY'S:  $15.95
Save: 16% off
Inktense Block Sets 36 Color Tin
MSRP: $103.99 JERRY'S:  $57.18
Save: 45% off
Master Calligraphy Brush Set 18 Brushes
MSRP: $293.95 JERRY'S:  $49.95
Save: 83% off


Winsor and Newton Oil Colors

Amaco Cloud Clay

Lightweight and hard after drying, Cloud Clay(R) is AP certified non-toxic and safe to use for ages 3 and up! This soft, pliable modeling material is stretchy and sticks together amazingly well, making it the best modeling clay for an endless variety of projects. Colors mix easily together or with acrylics to create new colors and remain bright after drying. Cloud Clay(R) captures small details well and works great with molds. Cloud Clay(R) is also durable enough to be rolled through a pasta machine or with a rolling pin to create clay slabs.

It dries to a hard consistency overnight although remains flexible and shatter-proof. When dry, pieces made with Cloud Clay(R) can be painted with acrylics. Unused clay is reusable when sealed in an airtight container. The 10 colors are available in 4 oz. packages of single or assorted colors as well as class packs.

Color Swatches - Use for reference only. If exact color matching is desired please use actual samples of the materials.

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