Posca Acrylic Paint Markers

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Posca water-based markers are ideal for fine art, crafts, home decor and paper crafts. Express your creativity on almost any surface. Can be utilized on surfaces like paper, terra-cotta, plastic metal, textile, wood, ceramic, porcelain and glass. Available in brush, extra-fine, extra-fine tapered, bullet, chisel and extra-large rectangular.Markers are fade proof and water-resistant.POSCA ’s PC-1MC – Small size and extra-fine bullet tip is ideal for works on small surfaces. A favorite of children and adults as well as of beginners and professionals to colour with accuracy.

Posca PC-1MR – Extra-fine calibre tip, with a metal ring, has the same qualities as a paint marker… in a pen. It is designed for professionals and beginners requiring an ultra-fine and consistent line in a wide selection of colours.

POSCA ’s brush tip PCF-350 – Is designed to reach areas that other markers cannot reach. Painting lovers rediscover the pleasure of a paint brush without its disadvantages. Beginners and children learn without difficulty.

POSCA PC-3M – Fine bullet tip is the marker designed for specialists. It can be used to customise, create, decorate or mark anything that inspires you with a precise and steady line.

Posca PC-5M – Medium bullet tip is the ‘multi-purpose’ member of the Posca range. It produces neat and precise lines and is ideal for colouring. The PC-5M is a favorite of both professionals and beginners.

Posca PC-8K – Broad chisel tip can both cover large areas and draw neat curves in a wide range of colours. Ideal to make flat-tints, ‘Street Art’ writing or signs for both professional and personal use.

Posca PC-17K – Extra-broad chisel tip is the member of POSCA ’s range designed for experts. POSCA ’s XXL size tip is a favorite of professionals for successful writing and of artists to create huge artworks!

Color Swatches – Use for reference only. If exact color matching is desired please use actual samples of the materials.

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PC-17K, PC-1M, PC-3M, PC-5M, PC-7M, PC-8K, PCF-1MR, PCF-350

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