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Pro Tapes has been making Pro Gaff gaffers tape since 1977. That‚Äôs more than 40 years of actively perfecting the highest quality gaff tape available. We’ve worked closely with the Arts & Entertainment industry over those years, innovating adhesives specific to marking stages, holding lights, concealing wires and covering tripping hazards on sets.

What is Gaffer tape used for?

Gaffer tape was traditionally used for the film and theater industries by professional Gaffers. A Gaffer is a lighting tech who uses gaffers tape to secure lights in position and conceal wires across floors preventing tripping hazards. Brighter color gaffers tape is also applied to stages as spike marks helping performers and stagehands find their marks Рeven in low lighting. Pro Tapes® makes Pro®Spike which is perfect for this purpose.

Gaffers tape is now more widely used as a duct tape replacement. Unlike duct tape, it’s highly removable from most surfaces and a better choice most anywhere you would typically reach for duct tape. You’ll notice the benefits right away as you tear the first strip off the roll.

Are Duct tape and Gaffer tape the same?

No they are different. Duct tape has a glossy finish and is a mix of polyethylene and cloth ‚Äìripping it is like tearing through plastic. Gaffers tape is cloth with an adhesive that removes clean from most surfaces. Duct tape has become known as the all-purpose tape, except by anyone who has used gaffers tape. Gaffers tape tears easily by hand, removes from most surfaces and doesn’t leave that notoriously sticky residue synonymous with duct tape. Gaffers tape is superior to duct tape unless you are taping actual ducts (and we say that as manufactures of both gaffers and duct tapes)!

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