Krystal Clear Acrylic Glazing

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2mm thick, heavy duty, incredibly clear, optical-quality acrylic glazing

With a protective, easy to peel film on both sides, Krystal Clear Glazing stays clean and scratch-free until the moment you are ready to frame or produce artwork. Unlike most styrene sheets, the beefy 2mm thickness remains stiff inside the frame, without the flexing experienced with thinner acrylic sheets. Perfect for protecting valuable artwork when shipping – change out the glass in the frame to Krystal Clear Glazing to prevent breaking and damage to work when in transit or unpacking.

Besides framing, Krystal Clear Glazing is popular with artists as a modern painting surface. Glazing easily accepts acrylic paints and gouaches, acrylic and India inks, Alcohol Inks, spray paint, paint markers, and more! Layer Krystal Clear Glazing sheets with sections of an artwork on each to achieve a 3D effect.

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