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Just Acrylic color allows students to develop varied and sophisticated adult painting techniques because it has the body and consistency of an artists’ acrylic. Just Acrylic encourages and enhances creativity in the classroom.

All the qualities that Just Acrylic is renowned for, like superb paint coverage, high percentage of pigment, good water solubility and great versatility are further enhanced by a new thicker paint consistency. Just Acrylic set the standard for high quality school paint. That standard has now been raised even further with the introduction of an even thicker paint formula and redesigned packaging. Just Acrylic range of 30 vibrant colors plus a block out white, combined with the Just Acrylic Commonsense Color System based on warm and cool primary colors, allows your students to mix virtually any color.

Color Swatches – Use for reference only. If exact color matching is desired please use actual samples of the materials.

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Just Acrylics

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