Jacquard Dorland’s Wax

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Dorland’s Wax Medium is a mixture of waxes and resin to be mixed with oil paint, powdered pigments, powdered metals, colored sands, dyes and other compatible fine art materials. The proportions of medium to pigment depend largely on the characteristics of the pigment and the desire of the artist.

Mixed Media

Wax is unlimited in this technique. Thinned washes or thick translucent impastos of Dorland’s Wax Medium may be applied over drawn or painted artwork, or combined with a wide variety of media; dry or dispersed pigments, metallic powders, tem- pera powders, paper, wood, etc. A Masonite or wood panel with a gesso ground makes an excellent support. Use the wax for over painting, glazing, finishing, as a resist, etc.

Glazing and Thinning

Use turpentine and/or poppy seed oil for thinning or glazing to desired consistency. Adding Damar Varnish or another good quality artist’s varnish will increase gloss and improve brushability. Other additives such as cobalt drying agents, etc., can be experimented with in conjunction with Dorland’s, but may take away the characteristics of the wax.

NOTE: If using more than 1/3 cold wax medium to 2/3 oil paints, a rigid support such as a wood panel should be used. Paintings may crack on canvas due to the flexibility of the surface.

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