Grand Luxe Full Box French Easel

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Made of oiled beechwood, Grand Luxe French Easels are functional and pleasing to the eye. The innovative metal lined sketch box drawer has adjustable metal dividers that can be positioned to fit your supplies. A finished wood palette keeps supplies in place and may be used for oil painting.

The brass and brass plated hardware resist tarnishing well. Both easels set up to a wide range of painting heights and can even be used on a tabletop. The top of the sketch box serves as your canvas mast and may be positioned for standard painting as well as for watercolor painting at various angles. The Full Box top canvas holder may be positioned to support canvas or board up to 34″ inches high and any reasonable width. The bottom canvas tray moves up and down so you can place smaller paintings at eye level.

The legs of the easel have rubber tips and may be outfitted with the supplied leg spikes for securing to the ground. A soft leather handle and a linen shoulder strap allow for easy carrying.


  • Made of Beechwood
  • Metal lined drawer with adjustable dividers
  • Brass plated fittings
  • Oiled wood palette
  • Rubber molded feet
  • Spikes for securing legs to the ground
  • Soft leather handle and a linen shoulder strap
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Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 8.5 × 8.5 in

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