DAS Smart Polymer Clay Sets

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Model your creativity with DAS Smart.

Das Smart is the new polimeric oven-hardening clay, ideal for making unique, hard and resistant creations, murrine, jewels and small artifacts. Easy to manipulate, with a compact and versatile structure, it is ideal for precision creations and, due to its excellent plasticity, it remains unvaried and compact before and after baking. It is available in 45 colours, specially designed by colour expert designers, 33 standard and 12 special vibrant and up-to-date colours, all of which can be combined. The 57 g block is packed in an innovative packaging consisting of 2 single-sealed portions, specially designed for convenience and better preservation. Das Smart bakes in max 130° oven for up to 30 minutes but objects can be cooked several times to add new details. Made in Italy, gluten-free and with no animal-derived ingredients.

Available in: 33 standard colors; 4 metallic colors; 4 glitter colors; 4 special effects

Note: This is not a toy. Do not allow clay to come in contact with an open flame. DO NOT MICROWAVE.

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