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Creative Mark’s new sets of Flo Expressions bottles are ideal for dispensing all kinds of art media, from watercolors and acrylics to batik resist, drawing inks, oil colors, fabric dye and paint, gouache, adhesives, masking fluid, ceramic glazes, and much more! And best of all, with Flow Expressions bottles, you control the width of the line!

These soft plastic bottles come with hard plastic nozzles that can be cut at any point along their length: for a smaller, more detailed line, cut near the tip; for a wider, more expressive line, cut near the base. In addition, each bottle comes with a removable cap that fits over the nozzle, so media can be stored without risk of drying out. These handy bottles are reusable, but so affordable that you can get one for each color and avoid washing them out between sessions. Sets are available with either six 30ml (1 oz.) bottles or three 100ml (3.3 oz.) bottles for even greater capacity, and each set comes with a funnel to easily fill the bottles. Now you can quickly create line-work in paint, beads of color, decorative accents, detailed masks, and more with these convenient and controllable Flo Expressions bottles from Creative Mark!

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