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These natural, soft leather cloths are used as blending tools by artists drawing with charcoal, pencil, soft pastel, and other dry media. Chamois skin is very soft and naturally absorbent, with no abrasive properties that will damage even delicate papers. The chamois can be cut into small manageable pieces and carefully used to blend cleanly and softly, instead of smudging with fingers, which can introduce finger oils to the surface and discolor the drawing. Used primarily as a blending and erasing tool with gentle wiping or rubbing, the artist can blot the excess surface, pull up dust, or even lighten the drawing with precisely controlled blotting.

Once the chamois surface has been completely used, it can be either soaked in warm, soapy water and hand-washed, or run through the washing machine with detergent (but no softener) and then hung in a safe place to dry. Do not hang in direct sunlight. Once dry, it will be stiff and firm but is easily re-softened by rubbing together against itself or another clean piece of chamois.


  • Soft natural leather cloths
  • Naturally absorbent without being abrasive
  • Use with charcoal, pencil, and soft and hard pastels
  • Reusable; just wash and allow to air dry
  • Can be cut to any size

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