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Newton Air Tight Deluxe Brush Washer
Perfect for travel and studio use, the Newton Stainless Steel Brush Washer is capable of holding over a pint of cleaner! In fact, it can hold 550 ml (18.59 oz) in its chamber. The lid has a built-in gasket that forms an air tight, leak proof seal, preventing the smells and harsh fumes of solvents from escaping, and keeping solvents from spilling out while traveling. A convenient handle makes carrying quick and easy.
The Newton Brush Washer features a grate at the bottom of the cleaning chamber that allows paint sediment from your brushes to fall to the bottom of the outer pot. This helps keep the fluid fresh for the next use, saving you time and preserving your solvent.¬†The inside cleaning pot measures 3.25″ in diameter and is 2.25″ high. ¬†With its 3.5″ diameter and 4.5″ height, the overall dimensions of the Newton Brush Washer make it¬†compact enough for use with any travel gear, but big enough to be used on practically any size brush.
Petite Air Tight Brush Washer
The disadvantage of some brush washers are the weight and size. So this new smaller format air tight brush washer fits the bill. It measures a maximum diameter size of just 3″ and a height of just 3-5/8″. It holds 310 ml of fluid or about 10 oz which is plenty for most needs. It has two locking clamps for an airtight seal and a removable strainer. Even if you do have the larger one, at this price, you may want to purchase the smaller unit for light travel.
Da Vinci Air Tight Stainless Steel Brush Washer
Made of stainless steel, the Da Vinci Air Tight Stainless Steel Brush Washer is designed to take 500ml (over a pint) of solvent and have plenty of room for sediments that might fall below the interior cleaning grate. The removable interior cleaning grate helps loosen paint and keeps clean solvent above its holes so you can constantly reuse it. The specially outfitted gasket on the lid is solvent resistant to keep an airtight seal no matter what cleaning agent you use. Positive action latches on three sides make sure that the lid stays shut while traveling. Use in the studio too to avoid exposure to solvent fumes.
Creative Mark Stainless Steel Brush Washer And Dryer
This durable brush washer features a 4″ diameter basin for washing brushes and a spiral wire drying rack for all your brush cleaning needs. Made from very durable stainless steel, this space saving brush washer is small and durable enough for easy toting along when painting plein-air or to save space in a tiny studio. The spiral brush holder suspends brushes tightly so there is no crushing or deformity in the brush tip. Great for brushes of all sizes!

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