Canson Mi-Teintes Touch Sanded Pastel Papers

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Mi-Teintes® Touch – The ultimate sanded pastel board. The unique surface texture of Mi-Teintes® Touch allows for many creative possibilities and layering of pigments. A great palette of cool blues, warm earth, and grey tones are now available to support a wide range of artist creativity. Pastels, charcoal, crayons, and acrylic perform beautifully. Give artwork a new dimension while allowing colors to really pop due to the thinly sanded surface. Highlight work that requires precision and fine detail. Only the unique know how and experience of Canson® could lead to this innovation in pastel paper. Mi-Teintes® Touch sheets and boards retain all dry pigments because they have micro abrasive surfaces created by a sanded primer. Mi-Teintes® Touch is the ideal support for dry pastels. Whether working on a sheet or board, artists will find pleasure in creating their works of art all while being able to illustrate detail and shading effects.

Color Swatches – Use for reference only. If exact color matching is desired please use actual samples of the materials.

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