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Iwata Kustom Airbrushes

The first airbrush to create a fan-patterned spray, the TH stands alone among its peers. Triggering the imagination of auto-body touch-up and Kustom painting, the Kustom TH delivers unprecedented control of a fan pattern with a minimum of overspray giving it a unique advantage over mini touch up guns. Great for small areas such as chip repair, fender welds, door jams and other hard-to-reach areas.

Kustom TH Features: (fan pattern requires compressor with atleast 1.2 cfm), 0.50 mm nozzle, Round-Patterned” air cap, PTFE needle packings, Large, 1/2 oz. (14cc) removable gravity-feed fluid cup, MAC Valve (Micro Air Control), Spray-gun trigger design, Pre-set handle, and Pistol Grip moisture filter included.

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